Damp inside a building usually build up without the right treatement and what is more important - correct diagnose what cause the problem, to save you money, time and stress, so DRY SYSTEMS trusted and experienced technician will be very helpfull. Simplifying there are three kinds of damp causing different troubles so in each case we need to act differently:

1. Rising damp - when walls and floors allow ground water in causing skirting and floor damage, peeling paint and wallpaper, stained plaster or tide mark on the walls. It can be stopped by a damp proof course - slate or plastic, horizontal strip in the wall that might be ineffective if you experience this kind of problem.

2.Penetrating damp - when water leaks horizontally through walls making damp patches on ceilings, floors and walls that gets darker during rainy weather. Usually this type of damp is caused by structural defect in a building like tanking system problem, faulty roofing or guttering. We will fix the problem quickly and permanently.

3. Condensation - by moisture condensation on walls mainly during winter when walls are colder that the air inside the property causing unpleasant smell, dark mould, water drops on walls and windows, paint and plaster damage and decay in window frames. Poor ventilation and on-off heating make it worse so let professionals like us to resolve
this problem as we have insured guarantees for extra safety.