External Waterproofing

External Waterproofing

DRY SYSTEMS systems for external waterproofing comply with BS8102 providing different types of waterproofing. This service include a technical support, full installation designed for your exact requirements and customer care. Ground water and moisture from the outside can damage the structure that is earth retaining. DRY SYSTEMS use
Dorken membranes and most effective products to resolve such problems.

We categorise them as:

1. Waterproofing elastomeric polimer membrane single component that allows the concrete to breathe, extremely durable and long lasting.
2. Water based liquid bituminous waterproofing mortar enriched with polystyrene micro spheres, extremely workable and easy in use.
3. Hydrophilic bonding membrane for wall and raft waterproofing that is a very high effective composite sheet membrane.
4. Drainage membrane - geodrain sheet made up of geotextile filter layer thermally bonded to waterproof high density polyethylene drainage membrane.

If you require any further info on external waterproofing please do not hesitate to contact our technical advisor on 020 3581 8715

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